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Our essence

We bring coffee to the world with essence, transparency and sustainability in practice, working fairly for the entire production chain, with excellence in the sale of fine and certified coffee.

With decades of experience in the world of specialty coffees, Falcafé has a specialized and experienced team that, through quality, establishes long-term connections with local producers and the most demanding international buyers.

Always looking for the perfect drink, we bring together and connect exclusive coffee producers to buyers who seek excellence in the cup.

A coffee, which through Falcafé reaches the palates of more than 79 countries, enriched with stories and valued by its region. A story inside each cup, written with the daily work of hundreds of Brazilian producers.

Most of our partner producers have coffee as their main source of income, the livelihood that feeds their family and is proudly passed down from generation to generation.


We believe that a financial, ecological and socially sustainable chain is the way for the coffee chain to grow stronger every day.

Therefore, we offer the most demanding market, certified coffees such as: Rainforest Alliance, Utz Certified and Fairtrade, in addition to our own traceability service: Falcafé Certified.

High quality in preparation

The quality of the lots purchased by international buyers is an absolute priority in Falcafé's sales process. Own packaging for the transport of grains that guarantee their arrival at their destination with all their quality preserved, in every detail, in every technical and sensory characteristic of these special grains. Customized projects with the customer's brand to be printed on bags, are part of the experience of delivering the best coffees that our region produces.

Single Origin

Our coffees reach buyers with the stories of each producer, valuing the daily and hard work of the coffee grower, along with videos and photos of his property. We reduce distances with transparency, showing every detail of the property's facilities, exact location, altitude, varieties and characteristics of your planting. These are information, numbers, stories, which together explain the attributes and peculiarities noted in the cup in the most diverse destinations.

Falcafé still seeks the constant evolution of the quality of coffees from these already recognized origins. Through quality contests, which reached its 6th edition in 2021, we were able to reward the dedication of producers who year after year have been improving the quality of their coffees.This escalation in quality can be seen and felt with the growth in the coffees grades that has joined in each edition of the contest, especially among the finalists.

Main Destinations

Falcafé Main Destinations

Falcafé Certification:
Neighbors and Friends Program

The Neighbors and Friends program is the bridge between the farms and Falcafé that offers the opportunity for small producers to market their best quality coffee to demanding markets around the world.

Falcafé is part of an international holding company that has 2 farms in Brazil: Nobletree Farms. The two properties are located in Minas Gerais, cradle of the best coffees that Brazil has ever produced, in the cities of Ouro Fino and Carmo de Minas.

Always in search of the best quality of the coffee produced, the two farms provide to the neighbors and friends in the region with the sharing of knowledge acquired in their production, such as choices of varieties for planting that best adapt to each area, care in the fertilization and management phases and drying manipulations. While Falcafé acts in partnership with the producer to help them benefit and re-benefit their coffee, maximizing gains in productivity and increasing its quality.

Visiting activities, field days, technical courses and lectures are promoted throughout the year with the aim of increasing the knowledge of local coffee growers, improving the practice and processing of their coffee, thus encouraging the improvement of quality throughout a micro-region. Partners such as Sebrae and Senar help and support our actions through training courses for small and medium-sized producers.


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