• Structure & Logistics


    Falcafé has a complete structure in Brazil, including two dry processing operations, equipped with state-of-the-art systems and machines, that process up to 100,000 bags of coffee per month, and two storage facilities with a capacity for 250,000 bags that can be stored either as jute bags or big bags. Our team of experts is divided between two offices, in São Paulo and Minas Gerais states; they are always ready to assist the growers and receive their coffees. 


    The company has a sophisticated logistics system, which allows daily shipments Santos port, with flexibility to transport coffee in regular bags, big bags or in bulk. The strategic location of the company, amidst the Mogiana and South Minas areas, guarantees easy access to coffees the main producing regions in Brazil, besides the proximity with the port that grants agility to the commercialization process.

    About us


    Falcafé is a company already born with experience, result of a partnership between Brazilian professionals with extensive experience in the coffee and the Fal Group, a conglomerate with more than ahead of over than 80 companies in 17 countries, that among the other activities, it manages coffee farms in Brazil, roasts coffees from different origins and operates specialty coffee shops in the Unites States, among other activities.


    Falcafé's proposal is to take the Brazilian's top coffees to the world, based on a direct-trade system with local growers, taking advantage of our relationship base and the entire structure of processing, storage and trade the local coffee.


    Located between the two most important regions in the production of quality coffee, Falcafe headquarter is based in Espírito Santo do Pinhal, São Paulo and it branch in Ouro Fino, Minas Gerais state, where is located the main warehouse.


    Falcafé works with all sizes of Arabica coffee growers, in the main Brazilian producing regions, as a way to diversify its supply and take quality coffees to cater to the requirements of distinctive markets across the globe. The decades of straight relationship with growers allows for a work based on transparency, traceability and sustainability, that favors both buyers and producers, with benefits to all involved.


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