Quality & Markets


Falcafé is a dynamic and experienced company that easily adapts to the needs of the various markets it assists. We work with coffees of different qualities to cater to demanding clients in Brazil and abroad. Our vast portfolio includes verified and certified coffees that comply with sustainability standards such as UTZ, Rainforest Alliance, 4C and Fair Trade; organic coffees attested by IBD (Brazilian Biodynamic Institute that certifies organic products) and also JAS certified coffees, for the Japanese market. Falcafé, part of the Fal Coffee group, operates in Asia, Europe and North America, taking Brazilian coffees to important clients in markets as diverse as the United States, Canada, Spain, Norway, England, Japan and South Korea.

Falcafé’s work is dedicated to establishing long-term partnerships with growers as a way to the coffees that better suit our client’s needs and sought after quality profiles, adding value to the product through efficient coffee processing, proper storage and fair negotiation, to deliver coffees with reliability and agility all over the world.



Falcafe is able to offer a unique product to specialty buyers around the world. These coffees are specialty in the cup because they are born of specialty production systems. Falcafe, being Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance, Utz, and Organic certified, is able to satisfy event the most demanding of consumers. This is quality in the cup and throughout the chain, from seed all the way to the pleasure derived from experiencing a coffee that is not just special in name.